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November / December 2003

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"PHC or bust!"

ABOVE (L-R): Scott, Mark, Denise, and Adrienne Cumbus hail from Texas.

BELOW (L-R): North Carolina residents Adam, Lisa, Stephen, and Jordan Nicholson.

Fall sunshine once again graces the red brick buildings of Patrick Henry College, and the halls are filled with new and returning students. Two freshmen, Adrienne Cumbus and Adam Nicholson, received scholarships from the Home School Foundation's PHC Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members. They recently spoke with HSF about their scholarships.

Both students were drawn to the college's educational mission, as well as its commitment to Christ and biblical ideals. The unique character of the campus also attracted them. It was the only school to which either applied. "It was PHC or bust for me," Adam Nicholson recalls.

Since arriving on campus, the two have been impressed with many aspects of PHC. "The kindness and dedication of the professors has impressed me greatly," Adrienne Cumbus says. Adam is excited about "a high enthusiasm for the things of Christ."

Both students were homeschooled from K-12 and believe that training significantly shaped their current interests and goals. Adrienne, an education major, recounts how her mother's passion for history led her family to explore many historical sites in Texas. Her desire is to one day teach history with that same dedication.

Adam credits his parents with giving him an education that "infused me with the passion I now have for biblical principles of government." Adam envisions combining that passion with his love of writing, and working as a sort of 21st-century pamphleteer to influence public thought.

Despite Adrienne and Adam's confidence that PHC was the right school for them, the prospect of paying for four years of college was daunting. Then the PHC Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members helped make their dream a reality.

"I'm very indebted to the Home School Foundation for the help they gave so that I could come here," says Adam.

"This scholarship really helped to relieve financial pressure!" Adrienne adds.

Thanks to the generosity of many HSLDA members, HSF was able to award these scholarships to Adrienne, Adam, and five other Patrick Henry College freshmen this fall. Next year, by God's grace, we hope to give out more grants to other PHC students from HSLDA families.

Impact of the PHC Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members

Total grants awarded since fall 2002: $33,570
Number of grants: 7

For contribution or application information, or to request a copy of a brochure describing all of our funds, contact us at 540-338-8899, visit online at, or email

Federal employees may designate Home School Foundation as their CFC recipient by using code 2099.

The foundation's mission is to preserve parental freedoms, promote homeschooling, provide assistance to needy homeschooling families, and support like-minded organizations.

From the director

Have you ever had an unexpected need arise in your life-and then seen God miraculously supply the means to meet that need? Whenever I experience a situation like that, I am overwhelmed with the sense of being part of a vast network through which God is pouring resources from one hand to the next to the next.

We at HSF are thrilled to participate in that chain of hands. Thanks for trusting us to be a part of this process-for enabling us to pour blessings into the hands of other homeschoolers in need!

One hundred percent of all of the gifts given to a specific fund goes to help these families.

Chuck Hurst, Executive Director