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November / December 2003

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A gift for the next generation

Thinking about what to give for Christmas? We have an idea. It's for people who like to think long-range-outside of the box. Actually, pioneer homeschooler and long-time Home School Legal Defense Association member Sandra Lovelace came up with the idea and conveyed it to us recently:

We have passed the homeschooling torch on to the next generation as our grandson learns his letters and numbers at the kitchen table. However, the renewed hostilities toward homeschooling hardly allow us to rest peacefully. It has galvanized our resolve to do whatever we can to ensure their freedom, and HSLDA is one way we can actively express that commitment.

We are funding a Friends of Home Schooling membership for their family immediately, as an early Christmas present. Next year, when their son reaches compulsory attendance age, we will fund their annual HSLDA membership fee-Happy Anniversary! We can't imagine a better way to make our love and support for their family more tangible.

As we recognize the temporal and eternal value of this gift-giving decision, we think other parents in our position might like to hear about it. There are so many benefits!

We couldn't say it better! If you have an interest in giving this type of gift, please contact us at 540-338-5600 and ask for the "Gift of Membership," or go to www.homeschoolfoundation.org and click on "gift certificates" under the General Fund.* We have a beautiful certificate for the family that you can personally forward to them, or we can send it directly to the family for you.

Together, we can keep the torch of freedom burning in homeschools for generations to come!

* Note: Gift memberships are given through the Home School Foundation for a $90 tax-deductible donation.