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November / December 2003

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The judges and their thoughts on the artwork

Elizabeth Carlson
"I was very pleased to be a part of the HSLDA art competition. All of the children's artwork showed immense creativity and skill. They all deserve blue ribbons as they are all winners. Thank you for the opportunity to see that art is a vital and important part of the homeschoolers' curriculum."

Elizabeth A. Carlson lives on a farm 50 miles west of Washington, DC, with her husband and three teenage children. She has been painting for more than 30 years. She is a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists and the Portrait Society of America. After earning her art degree in the 1980s, she studied under several internationally known artists including workshops with Nelson Shanks and Daniel Greene. Carlson has been a certified copyist at the National Gallery of Art since 1993, copying masterpieces by Constable, Fragonard, Monet, Renoir, Romney, and Rembrandt. She currently teaches art in her studio near Hillsboro, Virginia, and does commissioned portraits.

Tim Chambers
"This year's HSLDA Art Contest was filled with wonderful work by students . . . I found the different interpretations of the theme 'Freedom In America' interesting, ranging from collages to figure studies and landscapes. I appreciated the work that pushed the fundamentals of good draftsmanship (drawing) and deliberate use of the medium, whether paint, pastel, or pencil. I also took note of the artists who explored good use of edges; i.e., not having the edges of each object the same as the others, but instead having some more distinct than others, even losing an edge to the background for the sake of establishing a sense of space and atmosphere. When an artist really [paid] attention to what was happening in the subject, whether it be a face or the fabric of a flag, I was inspired to push my own work even further. . . . I can't wait to see next year's contest!"

Timothy J. Chambers paints out of his studio in northern Virginia, where he lives with his wife and their children. He received his early art instruction from his father, William T. Chambers, also a distinguished portraitist, and later pursued over ten years of apprentice studies with some of America's best painters, including Cedric Egeli. Chambers also studied at the University of Minnesota, the New York Academy of Art, and the Harris School of Art near Nashville, Tennessee. He has won numerous national awards, including the Outstanding Achievement Award presented at the 1993 National Portrait Seminar in Atlanta. In 1999, he was among 10 finalists in the Portrait Society of America's International Competition Chambers teaches classes and workshops locally and nationally.

Teresa Jardines
"This year's contest was a tribute not only to artistic skill among our nation's homeschooled youth, but to their patriotism and desire to express their love for America through art. Every piece was uniquely created with a passion that was refreshing and inspiring. Many of the pieces were collages representing stories from our nation's history, our unity and diversity, and our heroes. Artistically, the graphic and technical nature of the work was outstanding, but in my opinion, the greatest strength was that the pieces were emotive and enormously personal about a subject that is familiar yet difficult to articulate in new ways. I congratulate every one of these young artists for having demonstrated the same kind of pride, initiative, creativity, and skill in their artwork that makes them invaluable citizens of this country."

Residing in Purcellville, Virginia, with her husband and their two sons, Teresa Jardines is Art Director of Open Source Publishing, Inc., and a stay-at-home mom involved in several personal artistic endeavors. Teresa has taught drawing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, worked in exhibit design and installation at the Art Institute of Boston, and taught at the elementary and high school levels. Teresa graduated with honors from the University of New Mexico with a dual Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio and Art History. She received a graduate certificate in Museum Education from Tufts University and holds a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from George Washington University.

Patty McMahon Rice
"It was a privilege to help judge the first annual HSLDA Art Contest. Every piece showed artistic ability and real feeling. It was often difficult to decide which piece should come before another. Sometimes it boiled down to clean presentation or better draftsmanship or use of color.

"I would like to encourage each artist to continue to draw and paint. Many pieces showed amazing draftsmanship and design ability. I drew often as a child and wanted to be an artist, but often doubted my ability. Often an artist is his own worst critic. As an adult artist, I have learned not to focus on where I am at the present but to keep my eyes on the goal of mastering each medium I work in to the glory of God. Learn to draw well, study color and design, learn from other artists, but develop your own style. Persistence and hard work pay off, so keep at it."

Portrait artist Patty McMahon Rice resides in Fauquier County with her husband and their six children. As a youth, Rice pursued her love of the arts. Years later, the arts would pursue her. Providentially, a friend encouraged her to teach a drawing class. Almost 10 years and hundreds of students later, Rice continues to enjoy and teach art, learning beside her students, young and old. Her portraits hang in private collections from coast to coast. Rice has taken painting classes at Northern Virginia Community College, The Art Students League in Alexandria, The Corcoran School of Art, and Daniel Greene Workshops in New York. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America and The Piedmont Art League.