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September / October 2003

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Piscataway requests letter of intent

On July 22, Piscataway District Truant Officer David Ford informed a Home School Legal Defense Association member family that they must send a letter of intent to homeschool to Dermott Kehoe, the Director of Piscataway Pupil Services.

Our member family immediately asked HSLDA to contact Ford. We informed him that the family was not required by New Jersey law to file a notice of intent. After HSLDA explained our member's rights, Ford said that he was required by Kehoe to request the letter of intent, but he realized that he could not require the family to actually send the letter. New Jersey homeschool families need not send a letter of intent under any circumstances.

Old Bridge principal requests needless information

On May 12, a Home School Legal Defense Association member family received a call from the attendance officer of the local public school district. The officer spoke with the mother to confirm that her child was homeschooled. When the officer asked how her son was doing, the mother assured him of the child's academic progress. Satisfied, the officer ended the call.

On May 17, the mother received a letter from Arthur Barnes, Principal of Carl Sandburg Middle School, indicating that he understood her son was being homeschooled. He requested a letter stating her intention to home educate her child, as well as a complete listing of all academic subjects taught, a copy of the curriculum with goals and objectives for each subject, a schedule of days and hours of instruction, and a listing of books and instructional materials.

The mother immediately informed HSLDA of the situation, and HSLDA Attorney Scott Woodruff notified Mr. Barnes that the family was under no obligation to send this information and was in full compliance with New Jersey homeschool law.

Mr. Barnes has apparently given up, since he has made no further effort to collect the letter from the family.

Scott A. Woodruff