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September / October 2003

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New bridge to higher education

Many homeschool parents are facing a challenging task. How do they help their son or daughter gain access to the colleges of his or her choice? We've got some good news for these families: colleges are now actively looking for your students.

That's not all-through a new program called Online College Network (OCN), homeschool students can gain the attention of recruiters from colleges and universities all across the country.

Through OCN's web-based program, students build an online resume and track their achievements. Then, via a secure, password-protected searchable database, colleges pay to view the accomplishments of students based on up to 40 different individual characteristics within the areas of academics (ACT, SAT, GPA, etc.), fine arts (art, band, drama, choir, etc.), and athletics. Because colleges and universities underwrite the program, it's free to high school students.

HSLDA assisted OCN in developing the homeschool section of this program, which allows parents to approve the data submitted by their students. However, through the 2003-04 school year, this program will only be available to homeschoolers who are HSLDA members.

Interested? Go to and review the website. The password necessary to enter a resume is located on the HSLDA website under the "members only" section.

At HSLDA, we are constantly looking for ways to help our member families, and we welcome your suggestions. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to send them to us at

Bon voyage

What do Bermuda, the Republic of Croatia, and Thailand have in common? There are Home School Legal Defense Association members in each one of these locations!

Homeschooling families whose heads of household are U.S. citizens, residing in a foreign country for a temporary period of time, are eligible to apply for membership with HSLDA. We are often limited in the extent of services we can offer by either the laws of the country or U.S. treaty provisions. Additionally, homeschoolers on military bases are generally subject to Department of Defense regulations.

However, we often can help families find the country's education laws and a local support group or homeschooling family. HSLDA also corresponds with officials on behalf of these families, though we cannot guarantee legal representation in foreign courts.

If you're planning to move to a foreign country and wish to maintain the continuity of your children's education, please contact our legal department before you move, especially before making any contact with the foreign country's officials regarding home education. We'll provide you with all the information we have available. And be sure to visit to see the progress of homeschooling around the globe.

You can't take everything with you overseas, but you can take us!