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July / August 2003

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More case updates

After their daughter was physically assaulted at the local public school, an Austin HSLDA member family, the Frazens*, decided to homeschool using an accredited high school program. Several weeks later, they were summoned to court for "parent contributing to truancy" and the daughter's "failure to attend school."

At the initial hearing, the justice of the peace refused to enter a judgment but referred Mrs. Frazen to the prosecutor. Despite HSLDA Texas Counsel Tom Sanders' intervention, the prosecutor proceeded to move the Frazen family's case to trial in February. The Austin prosecutor's office reset the trial date several times, and no date is scheduled now. Meanwhile, the family has been allowed to keep homeschooling.

With the conclusion of the school year, HSLDA expects the case to be dropped for lack of evidence of actual truancy.

When Houston HSLDA members Mr. and Mrs. Leonard* notified their school district that they were going to homeschool, school officials slapped truancy charges on the Leonards' 12-year-old daughter and her mother. Although the prosecutor indicated at the initial hearing that he intended to pursue the case, HSLDA Texas Counsel Tom Sanders established the legality of the family's homeschool through further negotiations and the judge dismissed all charges.

Christopher J. Klicka

* Family's name changed to protect privacy.