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Official quickly corrects error

Pierre School District 32-2 sent a letter to homeschool families reminding them that they have the option to use the public school's test to fulfill the assessment requirement. The letter incorrectly suggested that the assessment must be filed by June 1. State law, however, does not establish a deadline—assessments may be filed along with the following year's notification.

On behalf of our members who received this letter, Home School Legal Defense Association wrote Pierre Testing Director LaDonna Zellmer, pointing out this error and asking her to issue a letter of correction. Ms. Zellmer apologized for the error and worked closely with us in preparing a letter of correction that was subsequently sent to all families who received the original letter.

We appreciate the HSLDA member family who brought this to our attention as well as Ms. Zellmer's prompt action to set matters right.

Scott A. Woodruff