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July / August 2003

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Homeschool graduates honored

On May 26, 2003, the Christian Homeschool Association of Puerto Rico honored homeschooled graduates of all ages with a "Day of Achievement" ceremony. The event was held at Iglesia Cristiana DiscĄpulos de Cristo (Christian Church Disciples of Christ) of Sierra Linda in Bayam˘n, Puerto Rico.

Over 300 relatives and friends attended the ceremony that recognized 51 graduates, eight of whom were high school seniors. Day of Achievement saw students completing kindergarten, 1st, 6th, 8th, and 9th grades in addition to seniors, since, organizers say, it is difficult to bring together so many families from across the island. Association President Nancy Morales and a working committee of three families organized the day's activities that included music, dance, and poetic recitations by homeschooled students.

Although many homeschoolers of Puerto Rico have graduated and been admitted to colleges in the past, these eight are the first who can take advantage of the University of Puerto Rico's (UPR) new admissions policy. Up until this point, homeschoolers wishing to attend college in Puerto Rico needed a GED or matriculation from a private "umbrella" school to be accepted. UPR's admissions department has now created criteria allowing homeschoolers to be considered on their own merit.

UPR Dean of Admissions Blanca Cruzado announced the changes to the university's policy as the keynote speaker of the ceremony. Mrs. Cruzado expressed her best wishes to the graduates and congratulated their parents, acknowledging the important contribution homeschoolers are making to education in Puerto Rico. She also reminisced about her own childhood when she learned to read at home with the assistance of her grandmother.

Attorney Carlos Perez, HSLDA's representative in Puerto Rico, also addressed the graduates highlighting the bravery homeschoolers show standing up to defend their own liberty. Many of the parents present were involved in the fight against recent legislation (H.P. 3048), which would have imposed burdensome regulations on homeschooling.

— J. Michael Smith