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July / August 2003

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Metro area districts cause trouble

Minnesota has a good homeschool law, but families in and around the Twin Cities might never know that from talking to their local school officials. A group of 46 districts in and around Minneapolis make up the majority of Home School Legal Defense Association's trouble spots in Minnesota. All of these districts are part of a Home School Liaison Network which is "designed for district personnel who serve as liaisons to home schooling families." According to their website, this network provides a forum to exchange ideas on "current procedures, clarify understanding of legal requirements, and problem solve." Based on HSLDA's interactions with these districts, however, the network seems to be more of a source of misinformation than information.

One district in the network, Forest Lake, sends out an annual form letter that misrepresents Minnesota law. Last year, HSLDA wrote to Beth Sullivan, Director of Special Education, to point out several inaccuracies in her letter to parents. Twelve months later, the same school official sent out essentially the same misinformation.

We encourage all Minnesota families to join and support their local support groups and statewide homeschool organizations. In addition, each family that joins HSLDA makes it easier to stop aggressive school districts from bullying homeschoolers. With over 1,000 member families in Minnesota, HSLDA expects to be more than a match for 46 misguided school districts.

Christopher J. Klicka