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July / August 2003

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Watching school choice issues

School choice-the movement dedicated to providing public school students with alternatives to public education-has experienced significant progress recently. Anthony Williams, the mayor of the District of Columbia (DC), a jurisdiction known for having among the most dysfunctional schools in the nation, has announced his support for school choice. DC spends an amazing $10,000 per student each year, yet achieves results near the bottom of the national table. DC has joined a growing list of states exploring the school choice question. Colorado has implemented a voucher program, and other states, such as Florida and Arizona, have concentrated on changes to the tax code.

As school choice programs are implemented in various states, we are wise to ask: how does school choice affect homeschoolers? Homeschooling appears to be an afterthought in the school choice debate, although homeschoolers have spearheaded the school choice movement by exercising their right to teach their children at home.

Homeschoolers thrive in a free environment where the government is kept out of family decisions. The school choice debate is no exception. The majority of homeschoolers are skeptical about the efficacy of accepting government funds and do not want to provide any opportunity for subsequent backdoor regulation. But homeschoolers should not be placed in a situation where they are paying twice for their education choices.

As homeschooling continues to grow and achieves recognition as a mainstream education alternative, school choice proponents are likely to make provision for the homeschool option. While vouchers are often cause for concern, passing a general tax rebate for education expenses remains a credible alternative. Home School Legal Defense Association supports leveling the playing field for homeschoolers but advises homeschoolers not to accept any government regulation in order to achieve this goal.