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May / June 2003

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Good law, bad information

Louisiana has a reasonably simple home study law and a clear-cut home-based private school law. Parents who comply with either of these options have satisfied the law. Despite this, Home School Legal Defense Association has been receiving increasing reports from across the state of school officials who insist on adding new requirements.

Last fall, homeschoolers battled department of education officials who insisted on rejecting HSLDA's form.* This spring, the battles have shifted to local school districts that are insisting on a wide variety of unlawful demands. Homeschoolers in Lake Charles have been told their program must be "approved" by the department of education, which is not required by law. Other families have been told they must come down to the school offices and personally sign school paperwork before their children will be excused from attendance.

Most of these school officials seem to be genuinely ignorant of homeschool law, and so they make up new requirements without any authority. This combination of ignorance and arrogance can be very intimidating for the new homeschooler. We encourage all Louisiana homeschoolers to know the law and work together to educate the public school officials. HSLDA is committed to helping these officials understand their limits under law.

Scott W. Somerville

* See "A Plethora of Forms"