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FPM: Guarding freedom

Legislative battles in California are becoming increasingly complex and time-consuming. In fact, you may be at this very moment in the process of responding to an alert, writing a letter, or making a personal contact with your senator or assembly member about one of many bills that could significantly affect homeschooling freedom.

Unlike most other states, California has a full-time legislature, meaning that it is in session the entire year, rather than just a few months like most other state legislatures. Because California's legislature is full-time, because the legislature deals with more bills than are filed in the U.S. Congress, and because it is a private school state, it is imperative that there be an organization in California that works full-time in partnership with Home School Legal Defense Association and the Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA) to monitor and lobby legislation which could impact home education. Thankfully, there is such an organization--Family Protection Ministries (FPM). FPM is a non-profit organization supported by donations of homeschoolers in the state of California. HSLDA is one of those donors.

Roy Hanson and his staff at Family Protection Ministries have been working on your behalf since 1986. Working together with Roy, FPM's Jim Davis and Mary Schofield monitor all the bills filed in the California Legislature and then track and become involved in any bill that has any potential impact on home education and family freedoms. Because California is a private school state, it takes the discernment of experience to figure out what bills could impact home educators in California. Family Protection Ministries has that expertise and over the years has proved its value. Out of hundreds of bad bills with the potential to reduce homeschool freedoms, I cannot think of one bad bill that actually has passed since FPM has been monitoring the legislature.

FPM is essential to the protection of homeschool freedoms. HSLDA strongly urges each of our member families in California to generously provide support. If we intend to keep our freedoms, FPM needs a significant increase in regular support now.

For further information, contact Roy Hanson and Jim Davis at Family Protection Ministries, P.O. Box 730, Lincoln, CA 95648, or call 916-786-3523.

J. Michael Smith