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A dinosaur who demands respect

In the churches we attended, most people in authority whom we know well are called by their first name, along with "Mr.," "Miss," or "Pastor." My husband and I have taught our girls this to show respect and honor for those people in authority, and they have learned to address people in that way from a very young age. While we were studying dinosaurs in our homeschool, we came across information about the Tyrannosaurus Rex. As I read about the Rex's huge teeth, long claws, and huge dimensions, my 3 year old's eyes grew bigger and bigger. She seemed amazed and awed by the thought of a creature so large and fierce. Later on in the day, as we went about our housework, my daughter commented, in a hushed tone, "Mama, if I met a Tyrannosaurus Rex, I would call him 'Mr. Rex'!"

-- Patricia Hefti
Bryan, TX

One really bad day

My husband was reading our 3-year-old son the story of "Thumbelina." When he got to the part in the story where Thumbelina is floating around her owner's sink on a leaf, my son's eyes grew wide, and he exclaimed, "Boy, I sure hope the garbage disposal wasn't on!"

-- Robin Hansen
Davenport, IA

What a handful!

My husband and I had been potty training our daughter Heather, then 3 years old. We were on our way to the supermarket (which was quite some distance from our home) when Heather told us that she had to go to the potty. My husband told her, "Well, Heather, we're on our way to the store now. Can you hold it?"

Heather responded, "I have a teddy bear in one hand and a juice cup in the other. I can't hold anything else!" My husband and I could not stop laughing all the way to the store!

-- Jennifer Lodico
Bayside, NY

Julianne Fay, H.S.

One morning, my children and I were discussing the subject of wisdom and knowledge, comparing God's Word to the world's view. Eventually we wound up on the subject of higher education, and I began trying to explain the meaning of the various degrees that follow peoples' names such as: Ph.D., M.D., D.D.S., etc.

Immediately, 7-year-old Julianne exclaimed, "I'm going to have H.S. after my name!"

"H.S.?" I asked, puzzled. "What's that?"

"Home School!"

-- Kelly Fay
Garland, TX

A salute to the pilgrims

Toward the end of this school year, I realized that our art instruction had been severely lacking, and started having my two boys do an art project every other day or so. One day they were instructed to color a picture of two pilgrims and a turkey. I told them very clearly that they were to color neatly.

When my 8 year old handed in his paper, I was pleased with everything except the male pilgrim. The rest of the page was colored neatly, but the man's clothes were colored in big blotches of green and brown. I was about to admonish him for his lack of neatness when he pointed to the pilgrim and said, "The man has just come home from work."

I had to laugh. Daddy's work clothes are indeed blotched green and brown--he is in the Air Force and wears camouflage to work every day!

-- Lisa Hornish
Grand Forks, ND

Leave 'em speechless!

During the six years I taught in public school, I became very familiar with the air of superiority with which many public school employees tend to look at homeschoolers.

One day at a yard sale, I saw that same look of pitying tolerance on the face of a man with whom my 9-year-old son was talking. Sure enough, the man was a retired principal. I couldn't resist relating the following story to him:

As I was driving, Nathan's voice came from the back seat, "I'm sure glad I wasn't Woodrow Wilson."

"Oh, and why not?" My curiosity was piqued since we had never discussed Wilson.

"Well" Nathan replied, "I don't think his League of Nations was a good idea."

The surprise on that principal's face was priceless, just at allowing a child's mind to grow and explore using a variety of interesting books solely because he enjoys reading!

-- Joyce Greeley
Salem, AL

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