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Making the case for original intent

The Supreme Court of the United States continues to be a source of grave concern for those who cherish the principles that motivated our Founding Fathers.

Patrick Henry College has a plan to directly impact the highest court in the land--both in the immediate future and in the decades ahead. The core of this plan is to equip young men and women of godly character with excellent legal scholarship and advocacy skills.

For example, every student at the college is required to take a Constitutional Law class, taught by PHC President Mike Farris, regardless of his or her major. PHC's nationally competitive Moot Court team is another example of leadership training for the next generation.

But Patrick Henry College was not built just to enable its students to perform in academic circles. Its apprenticeship model was designed to allow students to gain real-life experience while earning academic credit in their major.

Earlier this year, a group of PHC students spent countless hours under the direction of Mike Farris conducting historical research for an amicus (friend of the court) brief. Dr. Farris filed the brief in the Supreme Court of the United States on behalf of The Center for the Original Intent of the Constitution (COIC)--a research institute of the college.

The issue before the Court is a landmark case (Lawrence v. Texas) involving states' rights to treat homosexual behavior as a crime.

The Center has filed a few briefs in the past, but this is the first time PHC students have played such a significant role. The Center was asked to file another brief; this time for the United States Court of Appeals in the ACLU's lawsuit against Judge Roy Moore of Alabama and his Ten Commandments display. The brief, Glassroth v. Moore, was recently filed on behalf of the COIC. Both briefs address the importance of original intent.

PHC students will be tracking the Supreme Court's agenda, and, depending on funding, the Center will file as many as 10 briefs this year.

For far too long, liberal colleges and universities have dominated the highest levels of the legal scene in the United States. PHC can begin to reverse this trend through the work of The Center for the Original Intent of the Constitution.

If you would like information about how you can help support COIC, please contact the Office of Development at Patrick Henry College by calling toll-free 1-877-546-1776. All gifts designated to the Center will be applied to expenses incurred for personnel, printing, library resources, Moot Court team travel, and scholarships for students working for the Institute.

You can read both briefs by visiting the Patrick Henry College website at and clicking on News & Events.