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Another advantage of membership

One of every couple's most heart-felt desires is to build a family where all can be loved and encouraged, and yet increasingly it seems that fewer and fewer people know how to reach that goal.

Over the years, HSLDA has received many phone calls and letters asking for help and prayer for marriages that are under tremendous stress. Wives and husbands are asking:

>>How can I save our marriage?
>>How can I build godly character into my children's lives when there doesn't seem to be any love left in my marriage?
>>With so many past hurts and mistakes, how can we ever forgive each other and be in love again?
>>What place should marriage have in our lives when homeschooling and a demanding career seem to consume all of our time?
>>How can I get my spouse to communicate with and love me?

Though HSLDA is not able to provide help and counsel with ongoing marriage-related issues, we are excited to announce a new member discount. FamilyLife is offering HSLDA members a discounted registration fee of $69 per person (regularly $89) for its "Weekend to Remember" FamilyLife Marriage Conferences. An HSLDA member and his wife shared their experience at a recent Weekend to Remember conference:

Much prayer goes into these conferences. From the moment you walk into the hotel where a Family-Life Marriage Conference is being held, you can feel God's presence. At the conference, we noticed that there were couples from all walks of life, those who seemed happily married, and others on the brink of divorce.

In the past, when we went on church marriage retreats, peer pressure and conversations with friends had always been such a distraction for us. At this conference, we didn't know anyone there, so we were able to focus on each other and what God was speaking to us. Our marriage was revived and strengthened and is continuing to grow as we apply principles and truths that we learned at the conference.

FamilyLife's husband and wife conference speakers unpeel marriages and give life-changing insights based on God's Word. Many couples leave the conference understanding for the first time how two selfish people can live together and love one another for a lifetime. Attendees will learn about God's blueprints for marriage, about commitment and communication, about romance and resolving conflict, and about how to achieve oneness.

Consider attending a FamilyLife Marriage Conference in your area. You will leave with encouragement, hope, and practical tools to build your marriage and strengthen your legacy.

Your membership allows you savings

HSLDA members now qualify for a discounted registration fee of $69 per person (regularly $89) for either FamilyLife's two-and-a-half-day Weekend to Remember™ conference or its one-day Rekindling the Romance™ conference. FamilyLife is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. For more information, visit or call HSLDA at 540-338-5600.