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For his named snake

Part of our homeschooling program is scripture memorization. One day, out of the blue, our child asked, "What did God name His snake?"

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"You know, 'He leads me in paths of righteousness and He named His snake.'"

I laughed, realizing the quote came from Psalm 23:3: "He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake." Now checking for comprehension is included in our program as well.

— Deanna Persinger
Millboro, VA

When only Mom will do

While a friend of mine was busy homeschooling her three older children, her preschooler sat on the couch calling relentlessly, "Mommy, … Mommy, … Mommy…"

Finally able to turn her attention to her little girl on the couch, my friend asked, "Honey, what do you need?"

With big eyes, the little girl answered quietly, "You."

— Diane Steinc
King George, VA

Free to dream

As homeschoolers, my husband and I love the extra time our children have just to play. The other day, I informed my 8-year-old daughter, Susan, that her school day was done and she was free to play.

"Well, I've got to go, Mom," she said. "I've got a bit of daydreaming to do."

— Ann Rozeveld
Midland, MI

On the wings of time

When Zach's 2nd grade teacher recommended Ritalin for ADD, I decided to bring him home for 3rd grade. We started the school year with a family trip to the beach and did a unit study on the Atlantic Ocean. My parents went with us and we rented apartments next door to each other.

Two months later, my father was bedridden and diagnosed with terminal cancer. Many days, I would pack up the kids and the day's schoolwork and head over to Mom and Dad's house. His mind was sharp but he needed frequent naps, so in order to spend a few hours with him, we had to be available for many more. His sharp intellect and wisdom were a great help in history class. He talked to Zach about Edison, Einstein, his own career in broadcasting, and so much more. One day we were talking about the Civil War. My father asked for Zach's hand and said, "When I was a boy, I held the hand of a man who fought in the Civil War." Suddenly, it didn't seem like so long ago!

My father died at home a week before Christmas, just three months after that September trip to the beach. I thank the Lord for calling me to homeschool when He did. I have learned that time is fleeting, and it's all we really have.

— Remonda Bert
Bel Air, MD

A special building dispensation

We began building a new house one November and enjoyed working in unusually mild weather, for an Illinois winter.

In December, for part of my 6-year-old's science lesson, we were discussing winter weather. She mentioned that we get snow in the winter.

"Yes," I said, "Usually, but we haven't had any yet this year. Do you know why?"

"Because God is keeping the weather nice so we can build our house," she answered.

— Valerie Schwerman

Pana, IL

Can I quote you on that?

One morning last spring, my son and I were having a bit of a hard time working together. Although I am committed to finishing the race with him, I was feeling like it wasn't working.

Before I knew what hit me, my almost 8-year-old said to me, "Mom, thank you for letting me not go to public school. Since you're here to help me, I'm glad about that."

Thank you, Lord. I grabbed a sheet of my son's handwriting paper and scribbled down what he had just said. He wondered what I was doing. "Quoting you for the hard times," I replied.

— Faye O'Keefe
Ramona, CA

My teacher, my mommy

In a book I recently read to my 4-year-old, the main character shows his artwork to his teacher. Pointing to the teacher, my daughter asked who that lady was.

Upon hearing my answer, she asked in a perplexed voice, "But where's his mommy?"

— Mindy Klansek
Willingboro, NJ

I want thereal thing!

This would be my daughter Irene's first year of schooling, and I wanted her to be excited about it. As I was preparing for the upcoming school year, she happily entered the room and asked what I was doing.

"I'm getting everything ready so you can do preschool," I replied with a smile.

Tears filled her eyes and she started to cry, "I don't want to do preschool, I want to homeschool!"

— Karen Nordquist
Albuquerque, NM

The true meaning of Christmas

My 6-year-old son and I were shopping for Christmas presents at the mall. As we waited in line to purchase our items, my son began to whisper to me. "Mommy, ask the worker lady if she loves Jesus."

Strong Christian woman that I am, I replied, "You ask her!"

"Mommy, please!!! I've got to know if she loves Jesus."

Debating the issue as we got closer and closer to the front of the line, I knew that, of course, I had to ask. Heart pounding, I said to the checker, "My son would . . . liketoknowifyouloveJesus!"

The woman knelt in front of Michael, grabbed his little face in her hands, leaned in close, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I do! I love Him very much! And what is Christmas, little boy?"

Very seriously, my son replied, "I don't know!"

— Donella Dorn
Ontario, CA

Where your treasures are

There must have been a lot of talk at our house concerning millionaires when one day our 6-year-old daughter, knowing that we were not millionaires, asked if we were "thousandaires" or "hundredaires." While my husband and I scrambled for an answer, our 11-year-old son put it wisely. "We're 'kidaires,'" he said. "We're rich because we have five kids!"

— Linda McCarthy
Pottsville, PA

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