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HSLDA legal contacts for November/December 2002



A lot changesin twenty years

Do you remember 1983? Ronald Reagan was President, gas reached $1.26 per gallon, and Sally Ride became the first female to go into outer space. This was also the year when the Home School Legal Defense Association was founded in the State of Washington.

If you're like us, you've seen a lot of changes since then, changes we never could have anticipated. For instance, from brief interviews with some of our Membership Department staff we learned where they were 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, HSLDA's newest Membership Coordinator, was a 4 year old living in Germany.
Jenna, our newest membership coordinator, was a toddler living in Germany. Leah, our exhibit coordinator, was a 4-year-old being homeschooled in Oregon. Jeanette, our discount group coordinator, was a 5-year-old riding her little red tricycle in Illinois. Audra, a membership coordinator who will soon be leaving us to get married, was a curly-haired preschooler in Wyoming. Linda, our callback coordinator, was in Richmond, VA, working on staff for Campus Crusade for Christ. Our special needs consultant, Betty, was teaching in Virginia at a Christian school and working on her Master's degree. Rhonda, now a membership coordinator, was hesitantly beginning to homeschool her own children in California. And Chuck, our membership director, was teaching history in a Christian school and coaching wrestling in Illinois.

All this diversity of background, yet God had a plan even then for bringing these folks to HSLDA to serve you, our members. Looking back now, we recognize that God is fulfilling His master plan through the lives individuals committed to following Him. That realization gives us great hope for the next 20 years and beyond . . .

May you experience fulfillment in following God's purposes in your homeschool and in your life—so you can look back in another 20 years with a smile that rejoices to see God's plan come together.

¿No habla inglés? ¡No hay problema!

Thanks to a translation service we've signed up for, HSLDA can now help our homeschooling friends who may not be very fluent in English. Via this service we can connect a translator to a three-way conversation, in about 30 seconds for most languages and 15 seconds or less for Spanish.

So please feel free to refer your non-English speaking friends to us. Whether they have a simple question about membership or need an explanation of their state's law, we'll do our best to help them.

Thank you for serving as our advocates as we advocate the cause of homeschooling!