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HSLDA legal contacts for November/December 2002



From the director

Through the Friends of Homeschooling Fund, in the last nine months the Home School Foundation has been able to donate over $13,000 toward the legal expenses of HSLDA, all of which was spent to help families who were not members of HSLDA, but desperately needed help. Thanks to many of you for helping us help the helpless.

Chuck Hurst
Executive Director

Long-time friends

Even before their two daughters, Melissa and Jessica, had graduated from high school, homeschooling parents Joseph and Tina Deguire decided that they would support the Home School Legal Defense Association far beyond their homeschooling days. "I think it's a blessing," says Tina about the Friends of Homeschooling Fund, "Especially if you have used HSLDA or are finished homeschooling. It is a way to bless and encourage families who can't afford it."

Joseph and Tina Deguire with daughter Jessica. Not pictured: Melissa.
The Deguire's dedication to and appreciation for HSLDA grows out of years of membership in the organization. Though the Deguires never utilized HSLDA's legal services while homeschooling in Ohio, they still consulted HSLDA when facing perplexing questions, such as whether or not to choose the option of filing an intent to homeschool with the state and how to get high school transcripts for college applications. "When we initially contacted HSLDA, they were very kind and helped us through everything. In all the dealings I've had with them, they've been gracious, kind, and helpful," remembers Tina.

Now that their children are attending colleges and beginning careers, the Deguires have had more time to reflect on the advantages of homeschooling. And experiencing the fruit from her years spent laboring at home with her daughters encourages Tina to continue to assist other families with HSLDA membership so they too can have the support and peace of mind that HSLDA gave her.

Even though homeschooling is growing and becoming more common, Tina believes the role HSLDA plays is becoming more important. "There is always someone out there who will attack it because it's not normal. HSLDA is able to protect homeschool families, our liberties, and the ability we have to choose homeschooling for our kids. It's a foundation on which homeschoolers can rely for support."

To get involved

For contribution or scholarship application information, or to request a copy of a brochure describing all our funds, contact us at 540-338-8899, visit, or email Federal employees may designate HSF as their CFC recipient by using code 2099.