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Requirements of quarterly reports

Home instruction programs in New York are governed exclusively by 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The regulation requires that the parent prepare an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) containing, among other things, the dates for submission to the school district of the parent's quarterly reports which must be "spaced in even and logical periods." As in years past, parents conducting home instruction programs in New York this year have been faced with disputes with public school officials over dates for submission of the quarterly reports, as well as the form and content of the reports.

It is clear from the fact that the regulation requires parents to include in the IHIP the days for submission of the quarterly reports that parents, not public school officials, are authorized to designate the dates for submission of these reports to the school district. Often, however, parents receive an IHIP form from their local school district with the dates for submission of the quarterly reports already designated on the form. The local school district is without authority to designate the dates for submission of the quarterly reports and cannot require parents to adopt a schedule preferred by the public school officials.

Parents do not have to utilize any particular form in preparing the quarterly reports so long as the reports contain the following information: (1) the number of hours of instruction during the quarter, (2) a description of the material covered in each subject listed in the IHIP, (3) either a grade for the child in each subject or a written narrative evaluating a child's progress, and (4) a written explanation in the event that less than 80 percent of the amount of the course materials planned for that quarter has been covered in any subject. Sometimes school districts will attempt to require parents to indicate the number of hours of instruction in each subject, but only the total number of hours need be reported. For the convenience of Home School Legal Defense Association member families, we have developed a quarterly report form, which is available on the members only section of our website at

Dewitt T. Black