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Family stands on rights

In Taylor, two social workers paid a visit to the Waylon* family to investigate allegations of "educational concerns" and of having left their 8-month-old baby alone in the house all day. Since these Family Dependency Agency representatives had no search warrant and no authority to enter a private residence, Mr. and Mrs. Waylon refused to let them in.

Two days later, two more social workers showed up on the doorstep. The Waylons again turned the officials away. Later that same day, a police officer knocked on their door. Standing firm on their rights and refusing to be intimidated, the family called Home School Legal Defense Association.

We contacted the original social worker and explained that the Waylons did not have to allow the Family Dependency Agency entry into the home or permission to interview their children. In addition, we immediately faxed a letter to the social worker, indicating that the family was legally homeschooling under Michigan law. The letter refuted the allegations as completely false and denied that there was any type of educational neglect or any other neglect in Mr. and Mrs. Waylon's home. Despite some initial resistance, the social worker finally gave in, and the family has been left alone since HSLDA's intervention. HSLDA commends our member family for knowing and standing on their rights.

Christopher J. Klicka

* Name changed to protect family's privacy. See HSLDA's social services contact policy.