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End-of-year portfolio reviews

According to the homeschooling guidelines adopted by the Connecticut State Board of Education in 1990, parents electing to comply with the guidelines should submit a portfolio of samples of their child's schoolwork to school officials at the end of the school year. The sole purpose of this portfolio review is "to determine if instruction in the required courses has been given." There is to be no evaluation of the student's academic progress, no review of standardized test results, no examination of attendance records, and no review of curriculum materials. The only requirement is that the parents bring samples of the child's work in the required subjects as proof that instruction has taken place.

Unfortunately, some public school officials attempt to use the portfolio reviews to make other determinations. Such was the case at the end of the 2001-2002 school year when the superintendent of Canton Schools notified parents that the purpose of the portfolio review was to determine whether the children had received "equivalent instruction" in the studies taught in the public schools. Home School Legal Defense Association was able to resolve this difficulty for our member families by writing the superintendent and providing him with a copy of the guidelines.

Any families receiving communications from school officials that are contrary to state board guidelines should contact HSLDA for assistance.

Dewitt T. Black