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HSLDA legal contacts for September/October 2002



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Covington seeks annual form filing

At the beginning of this school year, the Attendance Coordinator for Covington County Schools sent a memorandum to all parents of church school students requesting that they complete a church school enrollment form each year. The purpose given for this request was "[i]n order to keep accurate records on these students. . . ." Home School Legal Defense Association was contacted by Lindsey Bridge Christian Academy on behalf of 11 HSLDA member families who had received this memorandum.

According to Alabama Code 16-28-7, the enrollment form must be filed with the local public school superintendent by the parent at the time of enrollment. However, there is no provision in this statute requiring the form to be filed on an annual basis. Instead, the parent must authorize the church school to notify the local public school superintendent should the child cease attendance at the church school. Following this procedure will ensure that the public school records are accurate.

HSLDA Attorney Dewitt Black responded to the public school official in Covington County and informed her of Alabama law. To date, the public school has made no further requests for the additional enrollment forms. Parents who are asked by public school officials to file the church school enrollment form more than once should contact HSLDA for assistance in dealing withthis matter.

Dewitt T. Black