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HSLDA legal contacts for September/October 2002


Praise the Lord for the work of dedicated homeschool leaders and state organizations. Lift up their efforts and their families as they work to promote homeschooling and preserve freedom. Pray for HSLDA as we seek to serve and work alongside these courageous leaders (Cover Story).

Lift up our active and pending cases, especially the Stumbo family's case, In the Matter of Stumbo. We have been waiting since mid-February for a decision in this case. A favorable decision is crucial to protect families from unwarranted government invasions into their private family affairs. Please pray that God would give the Stumbo family favor in the eyes of the justices and that the parental and family privacy rights of all homeschoolers in North Carolina will be protected in the court's final decision. (See the March/April 2002 Court Report for more information on the Stumbos' case.)

Thank God for protecting homeschooling families around the country from dangerous legislation, truancy officers, and social workers. (See Across the states)

Uphold U.S. leaders and military personnel involved in defending freedom around the world.

Seek God's blessing on the Home School Foundation's efforts to encourage and assist many families (From the heart).

Ask the Lord to guide, provide for, and protect homeschooling families who are in the midst of difficult circumstances-tight finances, serious illness, death of a spouse, a rebellious child, or family member opposition.

Praise God that Patrick Henry College has been granted "preaccreditation" status by the American Academy for Liberal Education. Lift up PHC's new distance learning program being launched in January. (More...)

You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest sea.

- Psalm 65:5 (NIV)