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Practical ways that husbands can help their wives

>> Understand: We need to be sympathetic and encourage our wives, recognizing the special pressures she feels as a homeschool mom.

>> Prioritize: Dads may need to spend more time at home to assist and provide relief for our wives. We may have to make courageous choices about our job and how much time we spend at work. I realize that we are all having to work longer these days to support our families, but as dads, we want to make sure that we have not become workaholics and carefully evaluate whether we actually need to spend all those hours working.

>> Listen: We can start by simply asking asking our wives: "How are you doing?" What areas of her life are frustrating to her? Look for an opportunity to step in and help.

>> Help: As we look for ways to relieve stress for our wives, start small. Find natural opportunities each day like dinnertime and bedtime, to take advantage of teachable moments. Work on a project together on Saturday. Consider teaching an upper level subject.

>> Manage authority: I like to think of dad's role as being "principal" of the family homeschool. As the principal, we're responsible to meet the needs of the teacher—our wife—and the students—our children. If the courses become too difficult, or if our wives have a dislike for a particular subject such as math, we may need to be the teacher or provide a tutor.

>> Enforce discipline: In addition, dads need to be the ultimate disciplinarian when children refuse to obey the teacher. The greatest offense in our home, and therefore our homeschool, should be disrespect and disobedience to our wives. This cannot be tolerated.

>> Guide: Another role as principal is to serve as guidance counselor for our children to prepare them for adulthood. After all, children are not meant to live indefinitely with their parents. Most of our children, at sometime, will work for someone else and we can help them be successful.

Having worked for many years with a number of people, I have come to appreciate several qualities that make a good employee:

>> Respects those in authority.

>> Cheerfully receives and carries out directives.

>> Looks for things to do—helps without being told.

>> Strives for excellence as the standard of workmanship.

>> Works hard and does whatever it takes to get the job done well.

If we train our children in these qualities, they will be successful in whatever they do.