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A helping hand

Ralph and Linda Christian joined HSLDA in 1998. They were unable to renew their membership, however, because Ralph's struggle with a terminal illness created a financial strain on their family's resources. Throughout this trying time they continued homeschooling their children, ages 3-11.

The generosity of members who contribute to the Members Helping Members Fund allowed HSLDA to provide a scholarship for Ralph and Linda.

Expressing their appreciation for the scholarship, Linda said, "These funds are so fantastic . . . It's true religion, the gospel of Jesus . . . The people who are able to give are really able to minister. They have ministered to us. And I can't wait for the day when our family will be able to bless others in situations similar to ours."

A word from the director

Over the last two years, a weakened economy, failed companies, and layoffs have combined to make it much harder for many families to make ends meet. Though the cost of HSLDA membership is as low as $8 per month, some families simply can't squeeze it out of their budget. That's where our Members Helping Members Fund has come to the rescue. If you know someone facing financial difficulties, please tell them about our fund. And if you would like to help these families, please visit our website or give us a call.

Chuck Hurst
Executive Director

Impact of Members Helping Members Fund

Total grants awarded: $18,718
Number of grants: 231

For contribution or scholarship application information, or to request a copy of a brochure describing all our funds, contact us at 540-338-8899, email info@homeschoolfoundation.org, or visit www.homeschoolfoundation.org. Federal employees may designate HSF as their CFC recipient by using code 2099.