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Administrative rule for standardized tests

Effective as of August 2, 2002, the Washington State Board of Education adopted a new administrative rule for standardized achievement tests to be administered to students receiving home-based instruction. The administrative rule is based upon the statutory provisions of 28A.200.010 of the Revised Code of Washington Annotated requiring the state board to approve such tests. State law requires that either a standardized achievement test be administered annually to a child receiving home instruction or that an annual assessment of the student's academic progress be written by a certified teacher currently working in the field of education. The new administrative rule, designated as WAC 180-52-070, states as follows:

(1) (a) Pursuant to RCW 28A.200.010(3), the state board of education will provide a list of examples of standardized achievement tests that a parent may use to assess and determine whether their child is making reasonable academic progress.
      (b) Tests on the list are approved by the state board of education on the basis that they are standardized achievement tests.
      (c) Parents may use a standardized test that does not appear on the list of examples if it has been evaluated by a test evaluation organization recognized by the state board of education and cited on the state board web page.
      (d) Parents may contact the state board of education office for assistance in determining if a test of their choosing that is not on the list of examples is standardized.

(2) The list of examples of standardized achievement tests shall be:
      (a) Made available on the web page of the state board;
      (b) Included in the following publication of the office of the superintendent of public instruction, "Washington's State Laws Regulating Home-Based Instruction;" and
      (c) Provided on request.

(3) The list of examples of standardized achievement tests on the state board web page may not be changed without prior approval of the state board of education.

Dewitt T. Black