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New Hampshire
Nothing to hide, much to protect

Not long after one of her children had a disagreement with a neighboring child, a Home School Legal Defense Association member* in southern New Hampshire was confronted at her front door by a social worker. The social worker announced that she had received a report that a 2 year old in the house was playing with animal feces, picking it up, and squeezing it in his hand. She demanded entrance into the house to inspect. Our member asked the social worker to wait a moment.

While the member was calling HSLDA for legal advice, the social worker used her cell phone and called the local police for backup. The HSLDA attorney asked to speak with the social worker over the family's phone and learned that the report was anonymous. Based on our advice, the member refused to admit the social worker into the home.

The social worker wanted to know what the family had to hide and said she would need to talk to her supervisor. She went out and spoke to the police officer, who had arrived in the meantime, and he was seen shaking his head.

Several months have passed and there has been no further communication from the social worker. We believe the matter is now closed. Our member had nothing to hide, but much to protect: the privacy of the family home.

Scott A. Woodruff

* Name withheld to protect family's privacy. Note: See HSLDA social services contact policy.