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N O T E S   T O   M E M B E R S

New membership & student ID cards
If your membership renewal was processed on or after July 24, you'll notice you received a new style of membership cards in the mail. We anticipate that you will find it easier to detach, and for your convenience these cards are now marked as "Teacher ID cards." This added language may assist you in receiving special teacher discounts from some bookstores and educational supply outlets that offer such discounts.

We are also offering new "Student ID cards" on the members-only section of our website, in response to several requests we have received. After you log in, simply go to the account tab to download your cards. You will need to enter your student's name and date of birth.

If perchance you should misplace your membership card, you can print out a copy of your card following the above instructions for student ID cards.

Home school . . . home-schooled . . . homeschooling
All you sharp-eyed homeschoolers out there have probably noticed that yes, we've capitulated. In deference to the dictionary entries (cir. 1999/2000) and overwhelming common usage, we have begun using homeschool as one word. Home School Legal Defense Association will remain "Home School," two words, just as when we incorporated in 1983—as will Home School Foundation, Home School Heartbeat, and The Home School Court Report.

Homeschooling has reached official compound word status in under three decades. According to Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, the term public school came into common usage between 1570 and 1580; private school between 1820 and 1830. An interesting indicator of cultural impact?

Blessing others
For many of our fellow homeschoolers—especially since 9/11—seeming financial security has given way to a bleak financial outlook.

In response to many requests for help, the Home School Foundation (HSF) has given financial assistance to over 500 homeschooling families since September 2001.

Through our Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund, we have distributed $96,430 to 195 widows for curriculum, and $4,000 to the scholarship funds of two students who attend Patrick Henry College and whose mothers are widows. By way of our Members Helping Members Fund, begun after September 11, 2001, we have helped 268 families, offering $19,423 in full or partial membership scholarships to Home School Legal Defense Association. Through the Special Needs Children's Fund, we have helped 60 families, giving them an average of $484.50 to meet the needs of their special needs children. And as part of an annual grant program, the General Fund has given $78,771 to 103 support groups who invest in their local homeschool communities. You, our members, have done all this through your gifts.

For further information on any of these funds, please call 540-338-8899, or visit www.homeschoolfoundation.org.