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District backpedals on new policy

The Wellston City School District recently released a new home school policy that violates the rights of home school families in more than four ways. For example:

  • Home schoolers must notify the school district "four weeks in advance of the intent to home school."

  • Home school families must send in test scores and a written narrative (state law merely requires families to choose one of these options).

  • Home school families must file a progress report with the district each semester.

  • Home schoolers may be required to take all standardized tests that are regularly scheduled.

    Furthermore, the policy specifies that parents may not unilaterally withdraw their children from school, and that the district superintendent has discretion to allow or disallow home school programs, while in actuality the superintendent may only deny an exemption from compulsory attendance if the family fails to include the information required by state law in their annual notification.

    The policy goes on to "inform parents of the possible differences in instruction between home schooling and public schooling." A typical example: "Would the home schooling experience inhibit social adjustment crucial to job-related skills? (For example, on the job would the student know how to ask for help?)"

    When HSLDA called Wellston, school officials quickly backpedaled, stating that the policy is currently under revision. HSLDA will continue to protect the rights of our members in this misinformed school district.

    - Scott W. Somerville