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Wright City "needs to know"

A Home School Legal Defense Association member family in the Wright City School RII District contacted us regarding a notice published in a local newspaper on October 10, 2001. Dennis James, assistant superintendent and director of curriculum, wrote the notice which was directed to home schoolers in the area. It stated:

If you are home schooling your children or the children of others, the Wright City School District needs to know. We have to report the number of students being home schooled.

The school district, however, was mistaken. Missouri families who wish to provide education to their children at home do so under the authority of Revised Statutes of Missouri, 167.031. There is no requirement anywhere in the law that these families provide any type of notice to the school district of their intent to educate their children at home.

HSLDA sent a letter to the assistant superintendent requesting that the district cease requesting information from home schoolers. We have encountered no further problems with the Wright City school district, and we urge all member families to inform our legal staff immediately if any official attempts to gain unauthorized information from them.

- Scott A. Woodruff