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Working together for freedom

Minnesota home schoolers have stood together over the years to keep the maximum amount of home school freedom. This united effort has been particularly effective when it comes to producing documents for school districts.

Under state law, parents are required to produce certain documents when the school district requests them. Minnesota Statutes 120A.26(2). Most school districts would like some documentation in every case, not just in those special cases where the district has reason to doubt the home schooling family. HSLDA has consistently advised families to produce the minimum amount of documentation in each case, reasoning that it is better for all home schoolers if each home schooler "holds the line." This advice has borne good fruit over the years. While some school districts succeed in forcing families to turn in additional documentation, most do not; and the ones that do demand documentation know that it is always more trouble than it is worth.

Our Founding Fathers said, "We must all hang together, or we shall most assuredly all hang separately." Thirteen weak colonies united to defeat a great empire, and home schoolers have discovered the secret of that success. Strong local support groups, strong state organizations, and a nationwide association of freedom-loving families have made home education legal in all 50 states. Our challenge now is to hold on to that freedom in every case, and expand it where we can. In Minnesota, that means providing school districts with the minimum documentation required by law.

- Scott W. Somerville