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"Grazie" from Italy

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"Grazie" from Italy

Dear HSLDA/National Center,

To all of you who worked on H.R. 830, we would like to extend a sincere "thank you" from the Christian Homeschoolers of Naples, Italy, support group. You will never know how many lives you have benefited through the hard work that you do. As for us in the Naples, Italy DODDS system, you have made many families very happy.

The opportunity for English-speaking extracurricular activities is minimal here. The new legislation will help me specifically in being able to attend field trips with class groups to areas to which it would be difficult to set up my own group trip. Previously, a child had to be at least a half-time DODDS student to participate in field trips. The school has been receptive to home schoolers regarding library access, and our home school group had an extremely helpful resource orientation meeting with the school librarian. She is even willing to loan teacher resource materials to us.

Although the school allowed home schoolers access to "specials," i.e. music, physical education, host nation, art, and computer, it required them to fill out standard school registration forms for participation. Under the school's old policy, some high schoolers in our support group were not able to participate in any sports teams at the school.

It has been extremely comforting to know that HSLDA has the expertise and understanding for the special needs of overseas home schoolers. One of our parents is closely following the formation of new school policy under H.R. 830. Each of these small steps moves us away from the archaic mindset regarding home schoolers. It is a foundation worth building on.

We're happy to have HSLDA on our side.

    Peter & Patricia Lyle

Christian Homeschoolers of Naples

Christian Homeschoolers of Naples was formed this past August by five home schooling moms (myself included) who were looking for prayer support and encouragement in our respective schooling paths. It has already grown to over 30 families. Most are military and are affiliated with Naval Support Activity Naples, yet there are also some who are here with the NATO base, or who are civilians who are here to support the military in some way.

We've evolved into an educational support group as well as a major source of networking for home schooling information. Many families have been linked together beautifully as supportive partners in home schooling through our group. We have been able to set up things like Italian classes, daytime swim lessons, and area field trips for our children. We meet monthly for educational sessions and business, yet our strength is in the prayerful support that we are providing for each other in this challenging area of the world. Without the support of these families, our overseas home schooling experience would be an isolating one. Instead, we have all had the chance to blossom as home schoolers in a country where home schooling is unheard of.

    Peter & Patricia Lyle
    Naples, Italy

Christian Homeschoolers of Naples
c/o Peter & Patricia Lyle
PSC 817 BOX 2
FPO AE 09622-0002
Phone: 081 509 0522