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Called to serve: Home schooling families in the military

On the frontlines: A few HSLDA military families

How do home school graduates enter the military?

How does HSLDA help families in the military?

"Grazie" from Italy

What can you do to help military families?

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Revisiting the Issue of Charter Schools

Congressional awards: America's best kept secret

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How does HSLDA help families in the military?

Since our founding 19 years ago, HSLDA has has helped hundreds of military families and home schoolers who wish to enlist. If you are a member and you need some help dealing with local school officials, be they military or civilian, please feel free to contact our office at 540-338-5600 or

When military families are deployed overseas, they often feel isolated from those around them due to language and cultural differences. This seclusion can be even worse when a family who home schools is denied services for their children on their local military installation. In recent months, HSLDA's National Center for Home Education has labored with Congress to pass the Military Home School Children Equal Access Act of 2001. Signed into law with the Defense Authorization Bill of 2002 in December, this new legislation should keep military school officials from excluding home schoolers from base services. For the latest updates, check

Did you know that HSLDA gives a 15% membership discount to both active and retired military families? For more information, call HSLDA at 540.338.5600 or e-mail

In addition, if your child is considering Patrick Henry College, ask about the school's Commitment to Courage Scholarship. Applicants who have a parent serving full-time as a firefighter, police officer, rescue worker, or in any branch of the military, or who lost a parent in a September 11 terrorist attack may qualify for $1000 off annual tuition. For more information, see