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A deadline for submitting curriculum?

A Home School Legal Defense Association member recently called requesting clarification on Wyoming home school law.

His school district usually sends out a form to home schoolers every year, asking them to provide the district with a list of curriculum.

Wyoming law requires home schoolers to provide this information annually, although it does not require that any partiuclar form be used.

This year, however, the school district was late in distributing the forms; in fact, by the time our member called in October, he had still not received it.

He wanted to know if there is any deadline [for] to pass in this information.

The law does not specify any particular date for submitting curriculum information. However, the law does say that

failure to submit a curriculum showing compliance is prima facie evidence that the home-based education program does not meet the requirements of the statute.

Therefore, we advise our members to present their list of curriculum at the beginning of the school year.

Members wishing to download HSLDA's form for this purpose may obtain it at (See A Plethora of Forms)

- Darren A. Jones