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Burcham seeks unauthorized information

"All parents of five year olds who plan to have a child attend a private school, home school, or waive the right to attend public school must notify by a certified letter as soon as possible." This statement was printed on page three of the July 5, 2001, edition of the Weatherford Daily News. A Home School Legal Defense Association member in the area noticed the announcement and brought it to our attention.

Parents in Oklahoma who provide education to their children at home do so pursuant to the Oklahoma Constitution provision protecting home schooling. They are not required to notify the school district that they are home schooling regardless of the age

of the child.

HSLDA contacted the Weather-ford Daily News and informed them of the error in the paper. A representative of the newspaper indicated that the source for the article was Burcham Elementary School. HSLDA then contacted Burcham Elementary School Principal, Ginger Kauk, who assured us said she would take steps to correct this error in any further publications.

- Scott A. Woodruff