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Regents improve college admissions requirements

Good news for home school graduates! As of October 12, 2001, graduates of home study programs in Georgia will face more favorable college admissions requirements in the Peach State.

Until the recent change approved by the state board of regents, home-schooled students had five paths to admission to colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia: (1) a diploma from a regionally accredited home study program; (2) a diploma from a Center of the Accrediting Counsel for Independent Study; (3) satisfactory scores on SAT II subject tests; (4) admission through the presidential exception; or (5) SAT I or ACT scores in the upper five percent of national college-bound seniors, along with other evidence of college readiness.

The recently adopted change relates to the minimum SAT I or ACT scores. Now students whose SAT I composite (verbal and math) score is at or above the average score of first-time freshman admitted to Georgia colleges in the prior calendar year and who have completed a college preparatory curriculum as validated by either a portfolio or a standardized achievement test score are eligible for admission. However, any University of Georgia institution may establish additional requirements.

- Dewitt T. Black