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National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference

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Baltimore, Maryland, was the setting for this year's National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference. On September 26, over 275 home school leaders from 40 states, Canada, Poland, and Mexico arrived in Baltimore for four days of encouragement, excellent teaching, and fellowship.

The leaders were honored to receive a personal greeting from the White House (see right)-a letter from President George W. Bush commending their hard work to promote and support home schooling.

While leaders attended workshops, their children participated in a special program led by Michael Denton and his four brothers.

Leaders' children entertained their parents on Saturday evening with songs they learned during the week.

Susan Beatty of California chatted with HSLDA President Mike Smith.
A highlight of the conference is the opportunity for fellowship with other leaders: Eric Burges of Louisiana (left) and James MacConnell of Maryland (right).
Jim and Linda Werner of Florida talk with Lorna Shaw of New Mexico (left).
HSLDA's new Director of Media Relations Rob Ziegler was part of a panel discussion on tips for dealing with the press.
A group of state leaders, led by Joe and Zan Tyler of South Carolina, surprised HSLDA Chairman and General Council Mike Farris with a 50th birthday celebration.