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HSLDA legal contacts for May and June 2001

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Fighting discrimination everywhere

An Oakland-area member family called Home School Legal Defense Association after experiencing difficulty with a software company.

The family was attempting to obtain an educational discount in purchasing software, but the company was uncertain whether the family qualified since they were home schooling.

HSLDA wrote the software company, explaining that, under Nebraska law, home schools are considered to be exempt private schools. According to Nebraska Revised Statutes §79-1701, any private school may elect not to meet state accreditation or approval requirements. Home schoolers must file a notice with the state commissioner of education each year, stating that the requirements for school approval violate either the parents' sincerely held religious beliefs or violate the parents' right to direct their child's education. Since the family had already done this, they were in full compliance with the compulsory attendance statutes of Nebraska.

HSLDA opposes discrimination against home schoolers in any form, whether by government or by private organizations. — Darren A. Jones