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Susan Oliver: Convicted—even though this mom did everything right

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Patrick Henry College doubles enrollment

Jordan's excellent adventure

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HSLDA legal contacts for May and June 2001

Pray for courageous single mother Susan Oliver and her son Marcus. Ask the Lord to make her appeal successful and bless her dedication to providing her son with the education he needs. Intercede for the many other single home schooling parents and parents of special needs children. (See Cover Story)

Uphold HSLDA's Legal and Membership Departments, now in the middle of busy season—July-October. Pray for families facing truancy contacts, social workers, or hostile school officials. (See Across the States)

Pray for National Center for Home Education staff as Congress reconvenes after Labor Day. Ask the Lord to bless the National Center's efforts in monitoring federal issues, lobbying for important home school protections, and tracking United Nations treaty activities. (See Freedom Watch)

Thank the Lord for positive outcomes in the DeSantis and Forstrom cases. Continue to pray for our other, ongoing cases. (See Active Cases)

Ask God to inspire veteran home schooling parents with renewed vision, strength, and wisdom as they begin another school year.

Intercede on behalf of new home schooling families. Pray for guidance, direction, and protection as they plan their first year and crack open their books.

As Patrick Henry College enrollment doubles and students converge on campus for the start of classes on August 31, pray for God's blessing on professors, students, and administrative staff. Ask Him to continue providing for all PHC's needs. (See College Update)

"Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you; he shall never permit the righteous to be moved."

— Psalm 55:22 (NKJ)