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S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

You won't believe what I did this summer! I went and met the President of the United States! Here is how it all happened . . .

On June 29, 2001, I joined the Patrick Henry College's Capital Focus teen camps with more than 57 other home schooled kids who were tagging along with the teen campers to meet the president at the White House. We all ate lunch and got our name tags, and then we did roll call. After we made sure everyone was there, we loaded up on the buses. When we were on the bus, Earl Hall, Dean of Students at PHC ("Dad" to me) gave us the choice of Veggie Tales' Lyle the Kindly Viking or Toy Story II to watch on the bus. Toy Story II made the popular vote—it made the time on the bus go faster.

When we arrived in DC, we pulled alongside the Old Executive Building next door to the White House. We got ID tags from security and walked past the press briefing room where photographer Peter Cutts was kind enough to point out marks of the United States' past. There were two sets of bullet holes, one where a man opened fire on former president Bill Clinton and another where a man opened fire on President Bush.

Then, before we met the president, we had to fight a hard battle to withstand the heat. Where I was standing near a thermometer, it was 96 degrees! I was in the shade. Unfortunately, I was wearing a polo shirt and long pants.

We also saw a policeman in a S.W.A.T. team bulletproof uniform. He was really cool! He had an assault rifle over his back. I asked him about it, but he said he had never had to use it. Then, one of the White House interns saw a pregnant lady in the crowd and asked her if she would like to sit down. The intern also went and got her a drink of water.

Then the big moment came: Marine I landed! The air from the propellers was like drinking water in a desert. Stairs fell down off the side of the helicopter and a marine walked down the stairs and pulled another set of stairs down right beside the other set of stairs for President Bush's dog, Barney. The dog went on all by himself! Then one of Millie's puppies (Millie is Barbara Bush's dog) got on right after him.

Then the president walked out waving and smiling. Then his wife came out. She asked us were we were from. They shook our hands and Mrs. Bush hugged me! She then asked me if I wanted to take a picture of her and I said "yes"! The president almost boarded Marine I without his wife. Then he stepped down and let her on the helicopter first. The blades started up and he was gone: off to Camp David to talk to the Prime Minister of Japan.

After that, we went into the Old Executive Building and stood in the entrance. There was a 200-foot long line for the water fountain! We got on the bus with our water bottles and pretzels to go home. We watched the rest of Toy Story II on the way. I thanked Mrs. Watson (the coordinator) and our bus driver before going home. It was an exciting day I will never forget!