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Youthful explorer

In central Oklahoma, a 4-year-old slipped out of his home unnoticed by his parents and older siblings and wandered onto an unfamiliar street. A well-intentioned resident who did not know the boy or his family kept an eye on him for an hour or so. When no one came looking for him, however, the resident contacted the police.

When the family discovered the child was missing and, after searching could not find him, they called the police department, only to be told that their son was there waiting for them. The very relieved parents immediately went to pick him up, but the police contacted a social worker who then demanded access to the family for an investigation.

Based on our advice, the parents refused to allow the social worker permission to enter their home or interview the children, but offered to talk to the social worker themselves outside the home. The social worker declined this request and followed up with a letter telling the family they had "failed to cooperate."

- Scott A. Woodruff

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