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MAY / JUNE 2001
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New York
Educational neglect investigated

When a Home School Legal Defense Association member mother in Niagara Falls attempted to withdraw her children from a Catholic school, the principal told her that home schooling was illegal in New York. Further, said the principal, the woman's children would not be disenrolled from the Catholic school until proof of their enrollment in another school was received.

Complying with the home instruction law, the mother provided written notice to the local public school district of her intention to teach her children at home. Meanwhile, the Catholic school principal notified the Niagara County Department of Social Services that the family's children were truant because of their absence from the Catholic school. Responding to this report, a social worker showed up at the family's front door and began to interrogate the mother about her children's education. The mother responded to the questions, explaining that she was conducting a home instruction program in accordance with New York law. The social worker left but said she was coming back in about two weeks for another visit.

HSLDA informed the social worker in writing of the requirements for conducting a home instruction program in New York. We also encouraged the social worker to contact the public school officials to verify that the family was in compliance with all legal requirements for teaching their children at home. Apparently this information satisfied the social worker, because the family has heard nothing further in connection with this investigation.

Dewitt T. Black