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MAY / JUNE 2001
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New Jersey
Harassment of home school mom

When a single mother in New Jersey decided to home school her son, she found herself facing a barrage of hostile contacts from her school district.

At the beginning of this school year, her teenage son began exhibiting a marked unwillingness to attend public school. After the family pediatrician diagnosed the young man as "behavior avoidant," a diagnosis usually applied only to adults, the public school offered to provide tutors for the boy at home.

When the mother saw how well her son responded to one-on-one instruction, she began taking over most of the teaching, and in January sent a letter to the public school stating that she was withdrawing him to home school. The principal called and demanded another, more detailed letter about her home school program, which she provided.

Three weeks later, the principal called again, insisting that she provide a third letter, including a description of her curriculum. She contacted HSLDA's legal staff, who advised her that this was not required by law.

The next week, both the principal and the truant officer called, demanding that she come to the school and show them her curriculum. HSLDA immediately contacted the truant officer and the school principal to explain that under New Jersey Department of Education policy, no home schooler is required to show curriculum.

The truant officer apologized, stating that he had no knowledge of the policy. The principal of the school dropped the demand to see the curriculum, stating that he merely wanted to ensure that his district followed policy.

Scott A. Woodruff