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MAY / JUNE 2001
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Butler defiance

Eleven days after a Butler County member family withdrew their daughter from public school to teach her at home, they received a summons to appear in court. With the summons came a petition claiming their child was "in need of care" and asking the judge to issue ". . . appropriate orders of protective and temporary custody."

Prior to the court date, the parents met with Butler school superintendent Dr. Robert Albers to ask him to drop the legal action. They explained that they were in full compliance with the law, and had registered their home-based private school with the Kansas State Board of Education as allowed by law.

Dr. Albers brushed aside their explanation, claiming the family was just putting their own "spin" on the law. He concluded defiantly, "The State of Kansas may have to recognize you, but we don't."

HSLDA contacted the prosecuting attorney and explained the laws that relate to children attending a private school located in their home. After we explained that this family's educational choice was completely lawful, he dropped all charges and the case was dismissed.

Scott A. Woodruff