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MAY / JUNE 2001
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National home school leadership summit

Chicken run!

A state leader's thoughts on the summit

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PHC: Wrapping up year one
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N O T E S   T O   M E M B E R S

New discount for missionaries and pastors

We are pleased to announce two new discount groups. Full-time missionaries who are accountable to a mission board can qualify for a 15% discount on their HSLDA membership. In addition, full-time pastors who are accountable to a church board or church elders can qualify for the same 15% discount. For more information, please contact our membership department at 540.338.5600.

Group discount program revision

HSLDA offers a 15% discount to member families in home school support groups or organizations registered with HSLDA's Group Discount Program. In the past, a group needed to have at least 25 active HSLDA member families to receive this discount.

Recently, however, we lowered the requirement to 15 active HSLDA member families. If your home school organization has 15 or more families, and is interested in becoming one of HSLDA's discount groups, please contact Jeanette Cole, our Group Discount Coordinator, at 540.338.5600. She will be glad to send you the "getting started" information.