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MAY / JUNE 2001
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a contrario sensu

Socialization time

Our family friends, whose children attend grades 5 and 8 in the local public schools, had expressed interest in attending a hockey game with us. I found some great half-price discount coupons for several different weeknights, and called to schedule the outing.

After much calendar searching, my exasperated friend said, "Oh, we just can't fit it in on a school night. The kids are tied up with three to four hours of homework every night. They have no time for anything else. You are so lucky to home school. Your kids have time for real socialization!"

The truth comes out!

—Wini Robb, Hamburg, NY

A wise vowel

We were discussing the phonetic rule "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." Seven-year-old Stephen explained the silence of the second vowel: "It doesn't talk; it just listens!"

—Eileen Gordon, South Windsor, CT

P.E. at the YMCA in the A.M.

Our family recently joined the local YMCA so we could participate in swimming as a form of physical education (known commonly as P.E.). On the way home after our 6 a.m. swim, we passed the snow-covered city park. Our seven-year-old son, remembering his trips down the sled slopes, started pleading for Daddy to take them sledding. Daddy said after we went home and got our school lessons done, then we could go sledding. He said school came before play, and we had just had our P.E. at the YMCA. Our ten-year-old son piped up, "That stands for 'Pool Exercise,' right, Dad?"

—Mrs. Patrick Martin, Keokuk, IA

Ben's commentary on Colossians

Memorizing Scripture is incorporated in my home school curriculum. My seven-year-old son Ben recited his verse to me, Colossians 3:2. "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth." I wanted to make sure he understood the meaning of the verse, so I began by asking him, "What does the word 'affection' mean?"

He looked puzzled for a moment. Then his face lit up and he said, "Oh, that's like when you have an 'ear affection!'"

—Brenda Hampel, Mansfield, MO

The incredible shrinking bed

I was rearranging the upstairs bedrooms with the help of my sons, Timothy (12) and Joshua (9). We had been moving all the furniture from room to room and were almost finished when the last piece of furniture we were moving got stuck. It was the bed frame to our queen-size bed. I wanted to avoid taking it apart, but after several minutes of struggling, my 12-year-old said, "I better go get the tools and take this thing apart."

Standing with the bed half in and half out of the room, my nine-year-old saw my frustration and blurted out, "Dear God, please help us get this into the room!" I looked at him and said, "OK, let's try again." I twisted the frame one last time and it easily came sliding into the room.

My 12-year-old returned with tools in hand and stood in the doorway looking astonished. "What happened?" I replied "Joshua prayed and we were able to get the bed into the room."

Tim pondered a moment longer and said, "Wow! God shrunk the bed."

We all learned a very important lesson that day—God answers prayer and He cares about all the things in our lives.

—Joan Heyns, Ewing, NJ

Cows at work

I was driving in the country with my two daughters when I noticed some frisky calves in a field, just seeming to have a blast. They were an amusing sight, so I pulled over so the kids could watch for a while. I explained that the mamma cows were the ones that looked more serene and not so active. My four-year-old, Sage, asked me more than once, "Mommy, where are the daddy cows?" but I had tuned her out.

When I finally tuned in and started to answer, my six-year-old, Cheyenne, beat me to it, "Sage, they're at work."

—Brenda Hampel, Mansfield, MO

Erasing skills 101

We use a series of easy and fun workbooks with our five-year-old daughter, Emily. She enjoys them thoroughly and rarely misses anything on any assignment in the books. One day, however, after I checked the first page, I discovered that she had done everything wrong. I started to erase the page, but Emily interrupted with a smile and exclaimed, "Let me erase!"

After several pages full of mistakes and a very willing daughter erasing the pages, I finally figured out what was happening. While I thought the lesson for the day was to learn what was on the pages, Emily thought the lesson for the day was to learn to erase better. One of our older sons had given Emily a new eraser for her pencil that morning.

—Elizabeth Widman, Sergeant Bluff, IA


One morning I was putting shoes and socks on my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. As I did so, she matter-of-factly stated, "My feet are married to each other. That's why they like to be with each other a lot!"

—Linda Kramer, Middlesex, NJ

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