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MAY / JUNE 2001
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National home school leadership summit

Chicken run!

A state leader's thoughts on the summit

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C O V E R   S T O R Y

Chicken run!

Dana Henry's phone rings . . .

"They're broken . . ." says a tentative voice on the other end.

"Say WHAT!" exclaims Henry, HSLDA's Events Coordinator.

It's an hour and a half before 140 people are due to have dinner in the PHC dining hall and we have just been informed that the ovens in the kitchen have stopped functioning.

HSLDA President Mike Smith, PHC President Mike Farris, and Earl Hall, PHC Dean of Students and Facilities Manager converge on the kitchen. Frantic calls are made to the vendor while Mike Farris climbs behind the equipment to push the re-set button. "Where is the operating manual?" asks Earl Hall.

Back upstairs, Mike Smith and Dana Henry are strategizing "Plan B." Everything is ready for the meal except the chicken. Order pizza? See if a local restaurant will cook our chicken? Then it hits Dana. . . . "My church!" A quick call and five minutes later, Earl Hall and PHC Food Services Manager Michele Del Mundo are checking out the ovens in the fellowship hall at St. Francis Church. The ovens are small, but they will work. Seven pans of chicken are dispatched to the church. Several more are dropped off at the Hall house and quickly go into their oven.

Meanwhile, Mike Farris has a similar brainstorm-the local grocer from whom Mike has purchased his family food for the last 12 years also has ovens. After a quick call, the balance of the chicken is shipped over to the Food PlusŪ grocery store.

Crisis solved. The leaders were oblivious to all of the frantic activity. But God was not oblivious to our need. He provided a solution. The chicken was cooked. Behind the scenes. Quietly. God provides for us in many ways.

R E L A T E D   I T E M S

National home school leadership summit
A state leader's thoughts on the summit