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Chesapeake goes overboard

Supervisor of Student Services for Chesapeake Public Schools Alan Vaughan recently wrote a Home School Legal Defense Association member that the law

. . . requires us to monitor home schooling by ensuring that the home schooled student receives the same amount of instruction that he would if he were in school. A middle school instructional day is six hours, excluding lunch. At the end of the school year, please provide our office with a daily log detailing the six hours each day and what topics were covered during that time period.

Fortunately, Mr. Vaughan was incorrect in his understanding of Virginia law. HSLDA advised him that he should not expect to receive the specified log since it is not required under law.

Henry County encroaches on liberty

Henry County Public Schools Director of Student Services Robert C. Vogler recently asked a member family to fill out and return by January 30 a form specifying the method of student evaluation the family intended to use.

HSLDA has advised Mr. Vogler that our member family will not be returning the form. They have the liberty under law of keeping their choice of assessment a private matter until the time appointed by statute for delivering the assessment results to the school system. — Scott A. Woodruff