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Washington County drops demands

On September 1, 2000, Home School Legal Defense Association wrote Washington County School District Superintendent Dr. Kolene Granger, requesting that the district make seven specific changes in the home school form they use. A new form has now been adopted and distributed which adopts all seven of the recommended changes. Included in these changes was the removal of any reference to a contract and removal of any request for how much time is spent each day on each subject.

We are thankful for the major improvement in the form. Our members should be aware, however, that the list of required subjects is not entirely accurate. A correct list of required subjects can be found in Rules R277-700-10 and R277-700-11, accessible through the following website

Special thanks is due the many local home school families who attended board meetings, spoke to officials, and made other contributions to help bring about these important changes.
Dewitt T. Black