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Rhode Island
Kickemuit cleans up act

A Bristol-Warren Home School Legal Defense Association member family received a written report concerning their 7th grade son's performance on the Rhode Island writing assessment. The report indicated his score as "NR," which is the score given to "blank papers," according to the report. This surprised the family-their son was enrolled in a home school program and never took the test.

Upon investigation, HSLDA learned that the Kickemuit Middle School in Bristol-Warren had retained the student on their records even though they knew he was being educated at home.

After communication with the Kickemuit guidance counselor, Kickemuit principal, and a representative from the Bristol-Warren Regional School District office, the child was promptly removed from the rolls of Kickemuit Middle School. Officials also assured the family that the unflattering test report would be removed from the student's file and shredded. — Scott A. Woodruff